Miracles Over The Years

Over the years Pastor Danny has been used by the Lord in diverse miracles.  Here are the testimonies of some of those accounts.

Miracle testimony! I just found this letter from a man in New York, Pastor Wayne and Diane Elston, which I will shorten.

“I fell off a tractor trailer when I was 17 years old.  It was 18 feet tall and I was totally messed up and was placed in a body cast for one year.  My tail bone was crushed up inside of me.  The doctors said there was nothing they could do.  33 years later you called on a man who had crushed his tail bone.  I responded and when you laid hands on me, I heard cracking and felt the power of God in my tail bone.  It is now in place and it feels normal for the first time in 33 years.  Thank you for allowing God to use you!”

Another outstanding miracle was the healing of cancer.  This miracle happened many times but one that stands out came through a prayer cloth that Gwen and I prayed over and sent home to a man with cancer in it’s last stages.  We got the testimony later that he was raised up off the death bed.  There were others that did not receive and those are the ones that tried to keep you up at night.  Medical science has done not better, as many could not be cured as were.  But we always are glad for those that were.  This is the reason we keep ministering, the ones that do.  I know some of the reasons why all are not healed.  One is their faith, having been taught all their life that God doesn’t heal, and it’s difficult to overcome in their mind.  Even thought they want to, deep within then, they can’t lay hold of their healing.

This miracle comes to my mind this morning at Pastor Rick Sharkey’s church in Spokane, Washington. Of course many miracles happened, and I could not remember them all.  And, they should happen because God called and anointed me to do what I was doing.  Are all workers of miracles? No, but some are.  And, all can have miracles and gifts of the Spirit.  But some are called to this ministry all the time.  The miracle was creative, in that a man had received a shotgun blast in his left arm.  He had it in a cast.  When the Holy Spirit came upon me, I grabbed him and prayed.  Immediately I knew something had happened.  He did too. Later he took off the cast and found that God had put all the shattered bones back together and He had total use of his arm.  Pause and think about that.  God is not limited to little bitty stuff.  He can do big stuff too, if you need it.  Would you give Praise to God and Him alone!

One more outstanding miracle that comes to mind is a man who was raised from the dead, where I was pastoring at the time.  He died in the middle of my teaching.  It made me mad. I raced, as the Spirit moved me to jump off the platform, like a star running back, straight to the man.  Gwen was right behind me.  We laid our hands on him.  The folks were panicking and I commanded them to ‘stop!’, with great authority, and they did.  Then turning by attention to the man who passed, I commanded life to come back to him.  It took sever times to get him back.  His wife was hysterical, but trying to control herself at this time. He gasped for breath and returned to us.  We called the paramedics and they took him to the hospital.  And I continued teaching.  I later learned that he had several heart attacks previous to this one.  But, after his visit with the doctors at the hospital, they said to him “we see no sigh of you ever have a heart attack, and it looks like you have got a young man’s heart.”  God had not only raised him from the dead but given him a brand new heart, according to doctors.  Is anything too hard for God?  The answer is NO!!!!

I remember a meeting I had in LaSalle, IL and the Pastors word, as he later said “Do you realize God opened 13 deaf people’s ears in a row?”

One of the outstanding miracles I remember this morning was teeth being filled with silver and gold, new teeth, created instantly.  Straightened teeth, all done by God.  Funny thing is I always wanted to be a dentist.  God started this in Australia.  Many came to Christ because of these dental miracles.  You just can’t beat the fruit of Salvation.

A testimony shared from a son:  “In 1987 I took my mom to a healing meeting in Tomahawk, WI.  She had surgery scheduled for the next week for a deteriorating jaw joint.  God’s power was concentrated where Danny Griffin prayed in this little church.  The surgery was cancelled and she never had any further issues.  I had a flyer from this meeting pinned up on a bulletin boad in my workshop and I finally searched him out and on Facebook and he friended me 28 years later.” Paul Kirsch