Lara felt a stirring in her heart. It was a gift from God, a precious and powerful story now known as “How Miss Ladybug Lost Her Spots.”

If you want to minister salvation to a child or group of children, but do not know where to begin, this book was written to help you. “How Miss Ladybug Lost Her Spots” is an effective tool in reaching children with the message of salvation. This story engagingly, sometimes tender and humorously, tells children about God’s love, His Son Jesus and His plan of salvation. Many grandparents, parents, teachers, teens and others have used this book to share Jesus. Testimonies come from near and far of what God is does through those who use this story to reach these ready, open young hearts.

“How Miss Ladybug Lost Her Spots” should be a part of every Church and Christian’s library, every Sunday School and Children’s Ministry. The harvest will be easily reaped through the ease of sharing “How Miss Ladybug Lost Her Spots.”



In “How Miss Ladybug Lost Her Spots” we find Zoe, a young exuberant girl, coming to her garden to find a new visitor, Miss Ladybug. As she gets to know Miss Ladybug, Zoe finds she is a snooty little ladybug who needs to hear and know the love of Jesus.

Through her patience and kindness Miss Ladybug sees there is something different about Zoe which she too must have. It is a life changing meeting that begins this new friendship and very easily explains the salvation message to readers, young and old.